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Exploration is really the essence of the human spirit.

~Frank Borman

About World Traveler Coffee Roasters

We infuse our love for travel with our passion for great coffee. From across the globe, we discover unique, high quality coffee beans and roast them to perfection. Whether you’re part of our coffee subscription service, trying our world sampler pack, or trying our coffee or espresso drinks at our roasting facility, we want to share our passion for and introduce you to a whole new world of amazing coffee. Whether it’s the high Blue Mountains of Jamaica, the jungles of Indonesia, or the volcanic lands of Kona Hawaii, you will sense the passion that goes into every batch of roasted coffee.

About Our
Roasting Facility

World Traveler Coffee Roaster’s mission is to share the amazing world of high quality coffee. In part, we achieve this by using the highest quality coffee roaster. We use the cast iron Giesen coffee roaster that is hand constructed in the Netherlands to roast our beans and bring out the full characteristics of each coffee. It takes up to three months to hand construct these top quality coffee roasters and the consistent roasting profile is why we choose the Giesen. Our open and modern roasting facility located in Roseville, California allows customers to watch our professional staff roast the beans to perfection and enjoy beautifully prepared espresso drinks. We welcome coffee lovers to come visit our roasting facility and try a flight of coffees. Come visit us and share our love for great coffee.

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